006) The New Jersey 2019 Election in Three Easy Lessons

Ingrid Reed, moderator, retired director of The New Jersey Project, Rutgers’ Eagleton Institute of Politics
Jean Sinzdak, Associate Director of Eagleton’s Center for American Women and Politics
Colleen O’Dea, www.NJSpotlight.com. writer, election reporter and organizer of the Data Maps

“Democracy is a daring concept—a hope that we’ll be best governed if all of us participate in the act of government.” —Brian Eno
This three-session course will look behind the scenes of this off-year election in New Jersey, the issues, campaigns and the candidates and what the outcome means.
Oct. 23 Guess Who’s Coming to Trenton after the Election?
The 80 newly-elected members of General Assembly filling the 80 seats up for grabs in this election. Who are the rising stars; what issues are they addressing—or not addressing? Who and what should we be watching? INGRID W. REED

Oct. 30 Yes, They Have a Seat at the Table
An incredible percentage of NJ’s General Assembly—34%—are women. Who are they? What leadership positions do they hold? What is their role in the party, in fund raising and campaigning, in shaping the races and the agenda? JEAN SINZDAK

Nov. 6 What Happened? Why? What’s Next?
Who and what will be making headlines: New Faces? Immigration? School Aid? Budget? Climate Change? Scandals? COLLEEN O’DEA

NOTE: This course will be held at Monument Hall, 1 Monument Drive, Princeton. The complex is next to Morven. Parking is available adjacent to the building.