007) The Battle of Monmouth: The Longest Day- Revolutionary War in New Jersey

The Battle of Monmouth, the biggest and longest single day action of the Revolution, was fought on June 28, 1778, at and around the village of Monmouth Court House (now Freehold). Dr. David Martin, longtime lecturer and tour guide at the battlefield, will discuss the goals and objectives of both sides, particularly the command decisions made by the two army commanders, General George Washington and British General Sir Henry Clinton. The ebb and flow of the controversial battle will be discussed in detail, especially the part played by American Major General Charles Lee, who was court-martialed afterwards. Attention will also be given to the participation of key subordinates on both sides, including American Generals Henry Knox, Anthony Wayne, the Marquis de Lafayette, and Baron von Steuben, and British commanders Lord Earl Cornwallis and John Graves Simcoe. Also included will be mention of the roles played by Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and Molly Pitcher.