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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding MCPC Toddler Playtime Classes.

1. Does my child really have to be 18 months old by the first day of class?

 Yes. Based on the experience of our teachers, and the program curriculum, we've made 18 months a minimum requirement.


2. Can I see a Toddler Playtime class in action?

 Yes. A prior visit to MCPC is not required to enroll in our toddler program, but we do encourage it for your benefit.

Please contact toddlers@mcpckids.org to set up a time.


3. Can you tell me about the Preschool Program?

 Please direct preschool questions to preschool@mcpckids.org 


4. I just enrolled. Can I transfer to a different class now?

 Depending on class size and availability, a transfer may be possible. Please contact toddlers@mcpckids.org


5. My schedule has changed and we can no longer attend class. Can I get a refund?

 Tuition is refundable two weeks prior to the session start date, minus a $10 registration fee. No refunds or credits are provided after that date. Refunds are managed by the Administrator.

Contact toddlers@mcpckids.org


6. When can I enroll for the next season?

 Generally one month before the session starts. If you are a current toddler family, you should get an email notification when the online enrollment is available.


7. When do you offer classes?

 We offer Toddler Playtime in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Our 90-minute classes are offered Monday through Friday afternoons, plus Saturday mornings.


8. May older or younger siblings attend toddler classes?

 We ask that toddler classes remain with a one-to-one caregiver-to-child ratio. Younger siblings who are capable of remaining in a carrying sling are welcome, but otherwise we ask that older siblings not attend. The caregiver who accompanies the toddler ought to focus on the toddler and encourage age-appropriate play and interaction. Older children play differently with the materials, often with younger children copying. They also tend to take up the caregiver's and teacher's attention, and tend to move around the space unsupervised, which is not allowed by our licensing agency.


9. My parents are in town. Are visiting grandparents allowed to visit MCPC?

Yes, visiting grandparents are always welcome to join you and your little one. It is a special occasion, and we obviously wouldn't want to deny them this moment. A one-time exception to grandparents is absolutely fine, but we ask that it not be a regular occurance. We want to keep Toddler Playtime with a one-to-one ratio.


10. Can one caregiver attend with twins?

Please contact the Toddler Program Coordinator at toddlers@mcpckids.org to inquire about a specific class. 


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