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Curriculum and Program Guidelines

MCPC Toddler Program Guidelines


Your family is joining generations of children and caregivers who have played together at MCPC since 1933. Welcome! MCPC is a non-profit parent-operated cooperative. Our goal is to provide you and your child with an educational and social experience in a relaxed and supportive setting. Your experience here is designed to provide focused quality time for your toddler. Please review the following guidelines to make the program run smoothly for everyone. Again, please have any other caregiver who brings your child to class, just once or on a regular basis, review these guidelines.
We ask that you please refrain from using your cell phone during class. We understand that you might want to take the occasional photo of your child, but even these should be taken in a way that is not disruptive to your child or the class. If you are using your phone for other purposes, we will request that you put it away.
Arrival TimeIf you arrive early, please wait to come through the inner gate into the play yard until it is time for class to begin. Prior to that time, the teacher is busy setting up projects for the children and otherwise preparing for class. The code on our front gate is 1516. Promptly and firmly close all gates behind you for safety/security purposes.
18 Month Minimum Requirement - The toddler must be 18 months of age as of the first week of the session. Please be aware that you may lose your spot if the age requirement is not met.
One to One Ratio – One parent or caregiver must attend with each enrolled child, although exceptions may be made for enrolled siblings or twins. Due to space considerations, we ask that only one caregiver attend each class with each student. Exceptions can be made for visiting relatives who want to tag along, but regular attendance should be limited to one adult and one child per class.
Siblings - We ask that toddler classes remain with a one-to-one ratio. Younger siblings who are capable of remaining in a carrying sling are welcome, but otherwise we ask that older siblings not attend. The caregiver who accompanies the toddler ought to focus on the toddler and encourage age-appropriate play and interaction. Older children play differently with materials, often with younger children copying. They also tend to take up the caregiver's and teacher's attention, and tend to move around the space unsupervised, which is not allowed by our licensing agency. 
Twins - Please contact the Toddler Program Coordinator at toddlers@mcpckids.org if you intend to enroll twins in a class to make sure that there are sufficient resources to accommodate them.
Toddler Safety + Your Responsibility Watching Your Child - Our number one priority at MCPC is keeping everyone safe. Please remain within an arm’s length distance from your child at all timesIncidents can happen very quickly and in order to intervene and prevent injury, you must be within arm’s reach. We are so happy that parents are able to meet and socialize through MCPC, but the arm’s-length-distance rule still needs to be observed. We ask that you simply move your conversations to where your children are playing. If you must leave the area where your child is playing, ask another parent or teacher to watch your child until you return. Please note that Toddlers are not allowed in the kitchen unattended.
Cell Phones - In order to remain attentive of your toddler, please refrain from using your phone during class. 
BehaviorToddlers are just learning to socialize. They experiment with their strength and ability to control the environment.  Hitting, biting, snatching and provoking, while unpleasant, are commonplace at this age. We view these behaviors as normal for children in this age range.  Observing the arm's length rule will help prevent these incidents from happening. The teacher will work with parents and toddlers to redirect these behaviors, but will not exclude children or their families from the program based on behavior. If an incident between children does arise, MCPC believes in positive redirection and conflict resolution rather than isolation.  We don’t have “time-outs” or “naughty chairs”. Instead, try to help your child find another place to play and talk to your teacher about strategies for preventing future incidents. Our teachers are trained in these techniques and will use them when appropriate. Please take this as an opportunity to learn from them and follow their lead.
Dressing Appropriately – Your child WILL get dirty … and so will you. Please dress both your child and yourself in clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty so you can enjoy all the projects and activities.
Cleaning Up– As a co-op, we all are responsible for maintaining our school.  MCPC does not have a janitorial staff.   Please note that the last 15 minutes of the class is set aside for clean-up.  Some parents will be asked to help with clean-up, while others will be asked to supervise the children of those doing the clean-up.  Cards will be provided to guide you step-by-step through the process, and don’t hesitate to ask your instructor for guidance.  Please take pride in our facility, and give the clean up a good effort. In addition, please pick up after your child during class time.  This includes making an activity ready for the next child, or putting away items taken from their storage space.
Bringing Snacks – At least once per session, each family brings a simple, nutritious snack of two to three items for each child in class.  You’ll also need to bring napkins. Please do NOT bring items that may cause choking, including: carrots, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, pretzels, chips, peanuts, popcorn, spoonfuls of peanut butter or grapes (unless cut in ½).  Other foods should be cut into small pieces no larger than ½” cubes.  Children will drink water with their snack.  If you must miss a class when you are scheduled to provide snack, please trade with another class member.  PLEASE NOTE THAT PEANUTS/PEANUT PRODUCTS ARE BANNED FROM MCPC due to children with severe allergies in our toddler or preschool programs.  Please see your teacher with any questions or concerns.
Sharing Information – Class rosters will be distributed during the second week of class to facilitate play dates and snack swaps.  Please tell the teacher when you need to update information or if you wish to keep your contact information private.
Make-Up ClassesYou are responsible to sign yourself up for make-up classes. The sign-up sheet is posted on the front porch, hanging on the wall next to the bulletin board. Make-up spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. You may make up 2 missed classes per session. If you end up missing a number of classes or need to drop out, unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund or credit. This policy is noted on the enrollment form.
Illness - Please do not bring children to class if they are sick. While a runny nose is fine if your child is otherwise healthy, excessive coughing and irritability are reasons to keep your child at home. Also, if your child has vomited or had a fever less than 24 hours before class, you should stay home.
Diapers – Please bring your own diapers. Soiled diapers may be thrown away in the garbage can in the enclosed area in the side yard. We have a few emergency diapers in the children’s bathroom.
Lost and Found–There is a basket located on the front porch. Please check it often. Unclaimed items will be sold in the MCPC Garage Sale in October.
ParkingPlease do not park in front of the apartment building next door to MCPC. Our neighbors have also asked that we also don’t use their parking area to turn around. Thanks for your cooperation.
Toddler Program Coordinator –The Toddler Program Coordinator manages the enrollment and administrative details of the MCPC Toddler program. Please know that the TPC strives to manage your inquiries and requests in as timely a manner as possible, while also following the program rules for our Toddler program.
Enrollment Questions – Enrollment questions should be brought to the Toddler Program Coordinator. If you are interested in switching to a different class, adding another class, have a friend who would like to join, etc., please email toddlers@mcpckids.org. Please note that we’ll always do our best to accommodate you, but may not be able to fulfill your request.
Other Questions -  Contact the Toddler Program Coordinator at toddlers@mcpckids.org or speak directly with your teacher.
Enjoy your class!!!
To learn more about MCPC & our summer, preschool, and Bridge Kindergarten programs please check out www.mcpckids.org.






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