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About Us


MCPC is a non-profit, parent-operated, cooperative preschool. Founded in 1933, we are a supportive community of 25 different families, working together to facilitate our children's development.  Participants of MCPC programs can expect

A cooperative environment that reflects the philosophy of MCPC where all children and all parents are supported in a safe and friendly environment and no one is excluded.

About our Toddler Playtime Program:


Toddlers and parents enjoy play and beginning socialization together at their own pace, both indoors and outdoors. The toddler teacher prepares a varied curriculum in which toddlers engage in new and fresh activities each time. The program includes creative (messy!) art projects, gross and fine motor activities, music, snack time, and circle time. The toddler teacher oversees the class and will get to know each toddler.

Toddler Playtime Format

  • Free play
  • Snack/story time
  • More free play
  • Circle/song time

Caregiver Responsibilities

  • Accompany toddler in each activity
  • Attend classes with only self and enrollee*+
  • Provide snack for all toddlers in the class at least once during the session
  • Share clean up of all toddler activity areas
  • Support an environment that nurtures the development of every child
  • Review the Toddler Guidelines before the first class


* Some exceptions apply. Please review toddler guidelines carefully for more information.

+ Please contact the Toddler Assistant at toddlers@mcpckids.org before enrolling twins.  There are only resources for 1 set of twins per class.


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