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Welcome to MCPC's registration site 

Enrollment for Fall 2019 Toddler Playtime is OPEN


Toddler Playtime Fall 2019

Monday 3:30-5:15pm

9/9 - 12/16 (13 Sessions $234)

Tuesday 3:30-5:15pm

9/10 - 12/17 (14 Sessions $252)

Wednesday 3:30-5:15pm

9/11 - 12/18 (14 Sessions $252)

Thursday 3:30-5:15pm

9/12 - 12/19 (14 Sessions $252)

Saturday 9:30 - 11:15am

9/14 - 12/21 (14 Sessions $252)



To enroll, or to see the number of available spots per class, please type "toddler" in the advanced search box above.

 For any other inquiries, please email toddlers@mcpckids.org 


Important Tips Using the Online Enrollment System: 

When registering, the first form you will fill out is Billing/Customer information. This is information about you, the customer. The child enrolling in the program will be members of your household.


Once you've hit the Register button and successfully gone to the next step, you should see My Household  -- Create New Household Member. This is information about the child who is the class enrollee or the "household member".  Each customer can have a household of multiple children or "household members."


1. Classes may be cancelled if enrollment requirements are not met.

2. You will have an option of transferring to any available classes or receive a full refund. Tuition is refundable two weeks prior to the session start date. No refunds or credits are provided after that date.

3. Toddler teachers are subject to change.

4. Please be cautious when completing your order not to hit ENTER more than once, as it will result in multiple charges. In the event this occurs, please contact us and we will issue a refund. 


Please read the curriculum and program guidelines before enrolling to ensure that you understand and accept them