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Aesthetics Skin Deep Spa is closed for 2018-2019 school year.  It will open in January 2020.  

Cosmetology Salon 31 clinic is closed for the 2018-2019 school year.  It will open in January 2020.    


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Apprenticeship Info

 Apprenticeship Training

In Europe, the apprenticeship program has experienced success for many decades. Under the auspices of the US and NJ Departments of Labor, apprenticeships may be found in many different fields and reflect participation in a nationally recognized workforce development structure. In many cases schools provide related technical instruction in the most matriculated fields. HCVSD currently offers apprenticeship training in auto mechanics, electrical, plumbing, and culinary. However, HCVSD is interested in expanding the apprenticeships related technical instruction that includes customized related technical instruction to support areas of interest.

 Working closely with the US Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship Training and the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development (NJLWD), apprentice students must be registered and must fulfill as part of the apprenticeship a theory component consisting of a minimum of 144 hours.  In many cases 576 hours of Related Technical Instruction (RTI), and a practical experience consisting of up to 8,000 hours of On-the-Job Training (OJT) responding to set trade processes with a registered sponsor (employer) with the US Department of Labor. After meeting the RTI requirements and OJT, a registered apprentice student is positioned to receive a Certificate of Completion from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship the certificate of which is a recognized and respected credential, which reflects successful completion of academic achievement and actual work experience.

 For information regarding Apprenticeship Registration, please contact HCVSD Adult Education Coordinator, Ms. Christina Shockley. For information regarding scheduling, pricing, and registration for classroom training, please contact the respective HCVSD Adult & Continuing Education Office at 908-788-1119 x 2007.


Apprenticeship Eligibility:

A participant must have a high school diploma, be 18 years of age and have the ability to complete the coursework associated with the respective field of interest. The programs are a perfect opportunity to add a skill set for a college or post college graduate, cross-training for interdisciplinary applications, a solution for veterans, returnships to those who are seeking to re-enter the workforce after a period of time, career changers, those who have children, underemployed, unemployed, those who have gaps in their resume, a second chance for formerly incarcerated or boost of confidence for those in post-rehabilitation. HCVSD Adult & Continuing Education is a conduit to position students of all ages and circumstances in life to reinvent themselves or launch careers while subscribing to a commitment to be lifelong learners.

 Pre-Apprenticeship Eligibility:

For high school students who are interested in a making a smooth transition from high school directly to a post-secondary apprenticeship program can contact Tanya Nalesnik 908-788-1119 x 2029. This is ideal for Polytech's culinary and automotive high school students because they will receive credit for work hours and/or related instruction towards their apprenticeship program.

 To complete their apprenticeship program, students must continue or obtain employment and continue their related instruction after graduation.  Evening related instruction courses provided by Polytech are culinary arts, automotive, electrical, and plumbing. For our automotive program, the related instruction may include industry recognized certifications such as Automotive Service Excellence. Related instruction for other occupations may be provided by Polytech or other post-secondary institutions depending on the occupation. The Adult & Continuing Education Coordinator, Christina Shockley, can help guide you through the process and share opportunities in other occupational fields.

 Economic Value of Apprenticeships:

 An apprentice is committed to the employer and comes to the employer concurrent with trade codes and academic standards. The apprentice brings to the workplace a rigorous technical education while learning advanced related industry work processes incorporated into customized on-the-job training by the employer or sponsor. Given this duality, a benefit realized by an employer is that apprenticeships are opportunities to develop and maintain highly skilled employees. Last, as a result of the commitment by the employer to the apprentice regarding the payment of wages and appropriate training, employers may be eligible for benefits such as tax incentives.

 Interested prospective apprentices are encouraged to contact Ms. Christina Shockley, Adult & Continuing Education Coordinator, for more information. She may be contacted at cshockley@hcvsd.org  or by phone at 908-788-1119 x 2007.

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