402) Watercolor Painting

Watercolor is a wonderful medium to approach with a sense of play and curiosity. This class is perfect for students interested in enriching and improving their observation skills as they learn about color mixing, value awareness, paint application, materials use, and techniques for watercolor painting from imagination or photos. Beginners will develop confidence and feel empowered, and learn to eliminate stumbling blocks in the process. Returning students: gain new insight into their painting ability and bring project ideas to work through. You will benefit from demonstrations, friendly critiques, and one-on-one help. Students will buy supplies, a list will be emailed about 2 weeks before class starts, cost $25-$45
Instructor: Maria Boyd, B.F.A., Rosemont College, Graduate certificate M.Ed., University of the Arts

65+ price is $88.  To obtain discounted price, you must register by mail, in person, or by phone.  Discount cannot be given for on-line purchase.