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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):


How can I register for classes?


Three Convenient Ways to Register



 1. Online - Credit Card Only – Try our new, more user friendly & secure system.

For online registration go to the "Catalog" page, find the course(s) you want, register and select “Enroll” which will put that course in your shopping cart. You can then resume browsing the Catalog and add more courses or other family members or just check out. After check out and payment by your VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address given during registration. If you are a "returning customer" you won't have to fill out your personal information again, it will be automatically done for you if your email address is unchanged.

If the class is full, please add your name to the Wait List on the class detail page and you will be contacted if an opening occurs or if an additional session is scheduled.

 2. TelephoneCredit Card Only - weekdays, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM; All messages will be returned promptly

No computer, no forms, no lines, call 215-297-0500, Mon - Fri between 9 - 5. Have your selected course code(s) and credit card information available and our operators will take your registration information and charge the course to your VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover Card. Any messages left on our voicemail will be returned within 24 hours.  A confirmation email will be sent to the email address given during registration.

  3. Mail-In – Check Only

Mail your Registration Form with payment by check to:

Community School of New Hope-Solebury (or just CSNHS)

PO Box 282

New Hope, PA 18938

A confirmation email will be sent after receipt. Checks may be made payable to CSNHS.



 Note: The Community School will go on hiatus for Fall 2020 semester as classes can NOT be held at New Hope-Solebury High School during Fall semester to protect everyone during COVID-19. For future semesters, please refer to the following:

Where will the class be held and is the parking convenient?      NOTE: New Parking Area

Unless otherwise indicated in the course description, classes will be held at the New Hope-Solebury High School at 182 West Bridge Street, New Hope, PA 18938. Free convenient parking is available in the parking lot near the new Main Entrance to the High School (West Side). Enter via the street adjacent to the Living Earth Nursery. Note that this location cannot be seen from the road, but signs will be posted on each side of the driveway entrance.  Formerly the CSNHS entrance was at the Auditorium area (East Side); this former parking area should not be used since there will be no internal access from this entrance to our classrooms. You will have to return to your car and drive around the front of the building to the first street on the right.  Please note: Classes will NOT be held at the High School during Fall 2020 semester due to COVID-19. Classe will be held online using Zoom- all you need is a computer, iPad, or Smartphone and we will send you a link before your class begins via e-mail. In some cases, classes will be held at off-site facilities using social distancing guidelines such as spacing students 6 feet apart, using face masks, and providing hand sanitizer.




 Our desk at the new rear entrance is staffed from about 6:00 PM until about 7:15 PM on days when classes are scheduled in order to provide any required assistance and to accept walk in registrations if seats are still available. 

How do I pay for the "Materials" or "Supplies" fees shown for some courses?

All material or supplies fees indicated in the course description are now included in the registration fee payment. See Refund policy below regarding cancellation of Food classes and their Materials fees.


What are your Terms and Conditions?

Course Changes/Cancellations:
The Community School of New Hope-Solebury reserves the right to cancel a course entirely or to change its time, location or instructor. In the event a course for which you have registered is cancelled, you will be notified. If you are unable to substitute a suitable replacement for a cancelled course, you will be refunded all tuition and fees you have paid for the course.

We hate to cancel classes; we have a committed instructor and several interested students registered but the facts of life (non-profit or otherwise) require each class to have enough students pay enough tuition to allow us to at least cover our costs. For example, 3 or less registered students for sure does not allow that. If you are interested in a class that will start say in the following week and does not yet have many students registered (you can see a high number of available seats) try to interest some of your contacts to join you. You will be doing them, yourself and all of us a big favor. We will do some additional recruiting also.

Inclement Weather Closing- Please note this is NOT applicable for online classes being offered for Fall 2020 classes:
Inclement Weather may force the cancellation of classes. If the New Hope-Solebury High School is unexpectedly closed for any reason, classes to be held at the high school will obviously not be held. Please check the School District’s website, our website: www.csnhs.org or call our voicemail 215-297-0500 to check the status of classes. Alternative arrangements or refunds will be made.

Senior Citizen Policy:
Adults 65 and over may register for most courses at a $5 discount per class of $60 or more. However, full tuition is required for some classes and all special workshops, trips or events. There is no discount on course materials. Proof of age may be required.

COVID-19 Policy:

The Community School is going on hiatus for Fall 2020 semester to protect everyone during COVID-19. We will hold our quality in-person classes in the Spring of 2021 once it is safe to offer face-to-face programming.

New Refund Policy (Revised Fall 2017):
In order to encourage you to register early, even if your future plans are somewhat uncertain, we have adopted a new Refund Policy. Instead of "No Refunds" we now offer a Full Refund if cancelled by 6:00 PM on the day before the first class is scheduled to start, such refunds will be in the form of a CSNHS credit. Refunds requested 5 or more days before the scheduled class start will be in the form of the original payment (credit card or check).

NOTE for Food and some Arts Classes: For those food classes where the instructor has to purchase food for the class (see "Class Details"), refunds for such materials portion of the registration fee may not be provided if student cancellation occurs within 3 days of the scheduled class start date - unless the materials have not yet actually been purchased by the instructor at the time of cancellation.

If you are not completely satisfied with our program, please contact Nancy Lawson, our Director, at 215-297-0500


New Fund Raising Support from Amazon.com to the Community School (added Spring 2017):

If you need or just want to buy something from Amazon.com, we can receive 0.5% of every dollar you spend (that's 50 cents for every $100), not a lot but it adds up!

All you have to do is begin your visit to Amazon's website here with this link -  Smile Amazon  - you don't have to do anything else. And we get no specific information from Amazon, just an accumulation of total amounts from all users per month.

Thanks for your support!


Do you offer Gift Certicates for Classes?

Yes, Gift Certificates for Birthdays, Anniversaries (come together) or most any other occasion are a great idea; your gift recipient can use them for a class they choose and whenever they choose to take it.



Do you have a friend or family member who has everything? Not to worry- everyone loves the gift of learning!  The Community School typically offers 70 to 100 different courses each semester, from Computers, Culinary Arts, Hobbies, Arts & Crafts, Fitness, Leisure, Writing, and More!

The Community School has Gift Certificates in the Amounts of

$30 for a One Night Course

$50 for a One Night Cooking or Arts Course, which includes Materials Fees

$100 for Several Courses or One Longer Course

$140 or Any Amount Customized Gift Certificate in any other Amount You’d Like!

Simply click on the “GIFT CERTIFICATES” listing from the "Category" above to purchase one of the four choice amounts listed.  Or… e-mail the Community School at info@csnhs.org to indicate the amount that you’d like to purchase, and we’ll take it from there. 

You or the recipient (your choice) will be mailed an attractive special Gift Certificate in their name and with your name as the gift giver; the recipient will be "registered" with an online credit in the system which can be used for whichever upcoming class(es) they later choose whenever they decide.

We’ll e-mail you for the recipient’s name, address, phone number, and e-mail address so we can create a Customer Credit for them in our Registration System  We’ll also mail our brochure to that person once these are printed and available for distribution.  Your gift recipient can then register for a specific class(es) once they are available online (now).

Use the online registration for "GIFT CERTIFICATES" or contact Nancy Lawson at 215-297-5000 or email at nancylawson@CSNHS.org 



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