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Layla Broumand



Layla Broumand – aka La Soupista of Honey Hollow Farm.
A recent transplant to New Hope/Solebury, PA, Layla Broumand brings with her a love of healthy soups to Honey Hollow farms, where she and her husband run an organic soil amendment business.
La Soupista initially began in Southern California, as soups specifically prepared for pre and postnatal mother in need of nourishment and fluids. Ultimately Layla expanded La Soupista into making soups of all kinds benefiting anyone looking for nutritious and low-calorie nourishment. Inspired by recipes of cultures worldwide, what inspires Layla the most is the combination of ingredients and maintaining the integrity and nutritional value of the foods.  After researching various ingredients including: herbs, vegetables, grains, legumes and meats, Layla turned her personal kitchen into a place where she created, prepared and sold soups for others.
Made from wholesome, seasonal and mostly local ingredients, Layla hopes to entice individuals of all ages to develop an appreciation for good food, from seed to skillet. Her soups cover a range of winter warming to refreshing cold soups that can be made to compliment the weather.
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