FA521) Watercolor Painting for Beginners & Intermediate Level

Learn how to paint and develop or improve your skills in Watercolor. Look at paintings by experts and discuss what makes them moving and successful. We’ll cover moisture control, materials and equipment, subject selection, composition and movement, technique, values, and color theory. Please bring professional quality watercolor paints (no student grade), such as Winsor Newton professional watercolors, Daniel Smith extra fine watercolor, or MaimeriBlu, a palette, brushes, high quality watercolor paper- Arches 140 lb. cold press, a gator, foam, or masonite board to attach your paper to, masking tape, 2B Staedtler pencils, a white vinyl eraser, a water container, paper towels, and an apron. Bring pictures of items you want to paint, such as still life, landscape, fruit, flowers, people (no pets), or events. You’ll make a painting in this class while concentrating on gaining or improving your skills.

Additional Information:
Tuition includes $10 cost of materials.