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To see the full version of our brochure, click on the cover image below.

























































































































































































Community School Has Resumed Classes as of March 15, 2021; Many classes will be Virtual (Online via Zoom) but some are outdoors and in person

Registrations have been very strong (almost 525), some classes are filled. If you are still interested in a filled class, click "Add to Wait List". We have been adding classes when possible and when there are enough students on the Waiting List. It's easier for us to do when it's online.

Below are classes that are still open and start within the next 4 weeks:

Code Class Name Start Date
HF391 Meditation to Defuse Stress 4/21/2021
HB843 Antique Clocks- Identifying and Maintaining 4/22/2021
LC710 Spanish 103 - The Miracle of Spanish 4/26/2021
FA544 Plein Air Painting for Beginners 5/5/2021
HB845 Wildcrafting for Herbs in an Ethical Manner 5/6/2021
WR773 Journaling - an Introduction 5/13/2021
CH158 Craigslist Buying & Selling 5/17/2021
LE875 Pet Acupuncture and Chiropractic 5/18/2021
DP411 Adobe Lightroom Basics 5/19/2021
LE859 Voice Work - Getting Paid to Talk 5/25/2021


To see the complete Spring 2021 Brochure, click on the cover on the right side >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Since 1978 we have been providing affordable, interesting classes to thousands of our community members, but the impact of Covid-19  forced us to take two semesters off, despite strenuous efforts to find alternative solutions.

The lack of safe acceptable spaces available to hold our classes continues. As you may know, we conducted an online survey of 4,392 former sudents. We found that a substantial majority of them already had experience or were very willing to use Zoom as our virtual classroom platform. We were very encouraged to move forward in that direction and have done so. There really was no alternative.


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The Community School was founded in 1978 as an independent, non-profit organization. Spring 2021 semester will begin in mid-March and run until mid-June.

Email NancyLawson@CSNHS.org or call her at 215-297-0500 for more information or to register.

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The Community School of New Hope-Solebury offers continuing education through creative, physical, and intellectual opportunities.





Refund Policy Revised: Recognizing how busy you all are and that you might therefore be reluctant to register while your future plans are still uncertain, we have revised our Refund Policy to allow full refunds up to the day before class starts. See the details under FAQ. So - why not Register now!  


 GOOD NEWS! A GREAT NEW GIFT IDEA! Gift Certificates for Birthdays, Anniversaries (come together) or most any other occasion; your gift recipient can use them for a class they choose and whenever they choose to take it See FAQ for more information or e-mail info@csnhs.org or call 215-297-0500.


Community School Registration:

If your email address has changed since you last registered, please log in using your old email address and then update the changes to your profile for future access.

We welcome new and returning students to our new website and registration system. For your convenience and ours, we have invested in acquiring a much more user friendly and free online registration system. See "FAQ - Ways to Register" for details.

There is no fee for telephone registration or for online or any other forms of registration. We suggest that you try the convenient online system first, if you have any problem you can always call and then use the operator assisted registration if necessary at 215-297-0500 weekdays between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Messages left on the system will receive a call back within 24 hours. You can also send an e-mails to info@csnhs.org for prompt assistance with your registration. 


Course Catalog:

The new paper version of the Course Catalog for the Spring 2021 semester will be available the end of February and early Marcht and on this website; about 62,000 copies of our 28 page Course catalog will be inserted in the Bucks County Herald, Doylestown Intelligencer & Courier Times, Advance of Bucks County, Hopewell Valley News (Lambertville, Titusville, Hopewell & Pennington), ICON Magazine, and distributed locally.

Browse the "Catalog" tab and detailed course descriptions or view the downloadable PDF version available via the panel at the right.

If you know a keyword (e.g, Italian) or the course code (2 letters/3 digits) for the courses you are interested in, use the "Catalog Search" or the "Quick Purchase" panel on the right to quickly go there. The "Advanced Search" gives you more possibilities (e.g., 1 session only classes or classes that are held on Wednesday, etc.)

If you have any questions about the courses or anything else call Nancy Lawson at 215-297-0500 or send an email to info@CSNHS.org

Schedule, etc.

To see the schedule of all classes please click on the “Calendar” tab. Class details and registration capability will become available when you click on a class; or select and register for your classes from the Catalog.

The Community School of New Hope-Solebury was established in 1978 as an independent adult school; we now serve more than 1,000 students each year. We are proud and appreciative of our long association with The New Hope-Solebury School District where most of our classes were held before COVID-19. 

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