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Achiko SaGa


Achiko has obtained in depth technique in Salsa on 1 (L.A. style) and Salsa on 2 (N.Y. style) and has been teaching salsa and ballroom dances for Rutgers University as well as such acknowledged studios as Arthur Murray dance company since 2003.

Achiko partners with different schools in New York and New Jersey. He gives Salsa lessons, workshops, performs at different venues and choreographs shows for various events.

With his classes satisfaction is guaranteed. He spent years observing and analyzing different styles of Salsa and developed his own style and method of teaching. He teaches how to move each part of the body to make the dance stylish. After all, even the slightest change of the body movement can make the dance very graceful.

Achiko's goal is to provide comprehensive understanding of Salsa technique: partner work as well as footwork (shines) and to share his experience in salsa dancing with other people.

The main reason for choosing Achiko as an instructor, choreographer or performer is that you will be given a highly professional service and approach to Salsa dancing with flexibility in teaching different techniques and styles.

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