104) Kathe Kollwitz: The Art of Social Purpose

Käthe Kollwitz was one of the most notable German artists of the 20 th Century and a master of graphic technique. She lived through the trauma of two world wars and for her, art was a catharsis where she could express the plight of the oppressed, the cause of peace and social justice, and the joys and sorrows of motherhood. Her powerfully poignant images won Kollwitz a position of international honor and respect, but Hitler and the Nazis forbid her to teach, labeled her art “degenerate,” and prevented her from exhibiting. Käthe Kollwitz’s dedication to human dignity and her remarkable body of work outlasted the Nazi regime and triumphed over its brutality. This talk will enhance your experience of the Museum of Modern Art’s retrospective Kollwitz exhibition opening on March 31 and running through July 20, 2024.

Instructor: JANET MANDEL is an award-winning art history educator.

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