105) Dorothea Lange: Pioneering Photojournalist

Sponsored by The Adult School and the Kemmerer Library of Harding Township

Join Sylvia Laudien-Meo for a presentation and discussion of this interesting and surprisingly relevant exhibition on Dorothea Lange’s photography with a special focus on its relationship to language – writing found in the environment, but also captions or descriptions added in various publications, to “extend, buttress, illuminate, and explain the photograph”. After an early career as portrait photographer Lange dedicated her life to documenting life during the Great Depression, traveling through the country for the Farm Security Administration to capture the lives of impoverished sharecroppers, documenting life inside the Japanese Incarceration Camps, in booming coast towns during WWII. She very carefully composed her thought provoking images while always dedicated to being truthful. So many of her images have become iconic, most famously the Migrant Mother.

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