120) The Beatles (Under the Influence)

Sponsored by The Adult School and the Kemmerer Library of Harding Township 

This lecture will follow in the footsteps of The Beatles as they travel under the influence of some of  their rock n roll heroes (Elvis, Chuck Berry and Carl Perkins) whose songs and stage performances highly influenced their early repertoire and recordings.  We continue the journey as they experiment in the studio by incorporating imprints from classical baroque (Vivaldi), film soundtracks (Bernard Hermann), classical Indian music (Ravi Shankar) and the avant garde (Stockhausen, Cage).  In addition, we will discuss the various literary bookmarks --- contemporary literature, philosophical writings and journalistic stories that influenced some of their songs and elevating their music to the level of art rock.

Additional Information:
No class 4/16, 4/23, 4/30.