2212) Purple Blooms of Summer: Peace Valley Lavender Farm & Village Teahouse ($170)

Purple is the shade of the day as we visit fields of lavender growing on the rolling hills of Bucks County, PA. Tranquility awaits as we wander through the farm taking in the sights and scents surrounding us. Historically lavender has been thought to stimulate and supplement the body’s healing forces unmatched by modern pharmaceuticals. In the Middle Ages, evidence suggests that lavender field workers and perfumers survived the Black Death and other plagues due to its protection against bacterial pathogens, and new scientific studies have confirmed these age-old beliefs. Lavender can stimulate the immune system but also soothes muscle aches and even take the pain out of insect bites. Another amazing finding with lavender is its ability to act as an anti-depressant that boosts your spirits and helps beat the blues. Our farm tour will include the history of lavender, information on different species and cultivars, how to plant, prune and harvest lavender, how to dry strip and store lavender buds, the process of lavender oil distillation, and how to use lavender in your everyday life. Pick your own bouquet and bring some purple peace home with you. Next we step into the Victorian charm of the Village Teahouse for a fantastically delicious full tea lunch. With over 50 kinds of specialty teas to choose from, there will most definitely be one that’s perfect for you. This 125-year-old home in which we’ll sip tea offers a sweet, elegant space to relax and enjoy friendly conversation. Here you will always enter as a guest and leave as a friend.

When booking your trip, a $10 registration fee will be payable to The Adult School; Group Tours & Travel will collect remaining trip payment of $170. You will be contacted by Group Tours & Travel within approximately one week to discuss travel insurance and make final payment arrangements (check, credit card, or venmo). Please contact Group Tours & Travel at 973-513-9001 with any questions. No refund will be granted on a cancellation that occurs after May 1, 2022.  

Additional Information:
Group Tours & Travel (973-513-9001) will contact you directly to collect trip balance of $170. No refund will be granted on a cancellation that occurs after May 1, 2022. Parking: Cars may be parked at the Chatham Middle School Parking Lot at your own risk for the duration of the tour. Enter parking lot from Main Street, and park in lot to the right (behind church). Park only in non-numbered spots.