2206) A Cup of the Valley Coffee & Tea Festival: Revel 32 & Cold Spring, NY ($140)

Are you a coffee junkie or tea fanatic? Well this is the tour for you! Revel 32, an historic, iconic building in Poughkeepsie, NY will be hosting the annual Cup of the Valley Coffee & Tea Festival where we can stretch out that first sip of coffee or tea into an all-day affair. There’s an opportunity to taste a variety of imported coffees and teas as well as local concoctions from right here in the Hudson Valley. Special exhibitions throughout the day such as brewing and roasting techniques, espresso creations and presentations along with special ceremonies including an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony will also be offered. Curious minds can be enchanted by tasseography, more commonly known as tea leaf readings by Ms. Jade. There will also be a special appearance by author Sarah Alden Combs, who will be signing books and answering questions about her latest work “Theater Ghost”. There will be time to browse the festival at your leisure and grab a snack or enjoy your lunch. After we’re all hyped up on caffeine, we’ll have tons of energy for walking (or running!) around the picturesque, idyllic village of Cold Spring. The Main Street is filled with antique shops, specialty stores, boutiques, art galleries and more coffee shops! Take your time to wander and browse, relax in the beauty of Dockside Park, and find a place for a late lunch or snack while enjoying the Hudson River atmosphere. 

When booking your trip, a $10 registration fee will be payable to The Adult School; Group Tours & Travel will collect remaining trip payment of $140. You will be contacted by Group Tours & Travel within approximately one week to discuss travel insurance and make final payment arrangements (check, credit card, or venmo). Please contact Group Tours & Travel at 973-513-9001 with any questions. No refund will be granted on a cancellation that occurs after March 1, 2022. 


Additional Information:
Group Tours & Travel (973-513-9001) will contact you directly to collect trip balance of $140. No refund will be granted on a cancellation that occurs after March 1, 2022. Parking: Cars may be parked at the Chatham Middle School Parking Lot at your own risk for the duration of the tour. Enter parking lot from Main Street, and park in lot to the right (behind church). Park only in non-numbered spots.