2204) NYC Pizza Party: Pizza Tour Around Manhattan ($185)

How much do you love New York style pizza? If your answer is, more than life itself, then this is the tour for you! Not only do we get to taste great pizza, but we also learn about the science, history, culture, people and of course the cheese. We spend the day traveling around Manhattan to four iconic pizzerias where we savor a slice, hear interesting stories, and tour each kitchen with its unique oven. some of which are over a century old and very rare. It will be amazing to learn how each pizzeria uses a different dough fermentation schedule, tomato selection, cheese preparation, and oven type to create a unique, and fantastic taste. Which will be your favorite and why? You’ll receive a Pocket Pizza Journal to keep track of your tastings. At each of the four stops, included is a slice and soft drinks. Such a great way to support small businesses that do amazing things with dough, sauce, and cheese!

When booking your trip, a $10 registration fee will be payable to The Adult School; Group Tours & Travel will collect remaining trip payment of $185. You will be contacted by Group Tours & Travel within approximately one week to discuss travel insurance and make final payment arrangements (check, credit card, or venmo). Please contact Group Tours & Travel at 973-513-9001 with any questions. No refund will be granted on a cancellation that occurs after February 6, 2022. 

Additional Information:
Group Tours & Travel (973-513-9001) will contact you directly to collect trip balance of $185. No refund will be granted on a cancellation that occurs after February 6, 2022. Parking: Cars may be parked at the Chatham Middle School Parking Lot at your own risk for the duration of the tour. Enter parking lot from Main Street, and park in lot to the right (behind church). Park only in non-numbered spots.