1526) Psychic Reading

Have you ever had a psychic reading? Here's a fun and exciting opportunity to find out about yourself, your relationships and your future. Renown psychic Marc Sky will do group and individual readings in this enlightening and entertaining class. He will answer questions about your future and also show you how to be your own psychic and read for others. You will have your palm read and find out all about love, business, relationships and more. You will also receive an 8-page detailed Numerology chart prepared specifically for YOU. Based on your name and birthday this chart will analyze what motivates you in life, the impression you give others, the way you express yourself, best careers, the lessons you must learn, your destiny, best activities for the year, cycles in your life, turning points in your life, the challenges you must meet, and your personal horoscope every day for a year. Also included for the ladies is a Romance Astro-numerology chart revealing your sensual, erotic, romantic, fun-loving self! You will also receive a free good luck charm psychically energized by Marc to bring good fortune into your life!
NOTE: Your numerology chart is prepared in advance. When you sign up for the class please provide your first and last name and your birthday.

Additional Information:
Masks optional.