356) Watercolor Basics

This course will teach basic watercolor techniques and some artist tricks to add interest to your work.  Students will work on landscape, still life, floral, expressionistic, and representational paintings.  Expect to learn, relax, and enjoy while creating beautiful artwork. 

This class is for beginner watercolor painters.  


Individual tubes of watercolor paint (or a set of tubes if it includes a large selection of colors) :  Winsor & Newton Professional Artist Watercolors is an option - (Not recommended is Cottman Student Grade) 

  • Aureolin Yellow Quinacridone Gold or Raw Sienna * Yellow Ocher *Cadmium Yellow *Winsor Lemon  *Cadmium Orange
  • *Burnt Sienna, *Burnt Umber & *Sepia
  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson * Winsor Red 
  • *Violet (Thalo) Purple
  • French UltraMarine Blue Antwerp Blue or Prussian Blue  *Cerulean Blue and *Cobalt Blue
  • Paynes Grey 
  • Permanent Sap Green *Hooker Green * Viridian Green
  • Designer Gouache Permanent White

Paper for class is: Arches Cold Press, 140 lb, 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper Pad Size 10 x 14 

Palette with flat mixing area

Hard board to tape paper onto for support

Watercolor brushes - #4 and #8, larger wash brush, Rigger or #0 or #2, mop and old toothbrush

Painting tape 

*Windsor & Newton Watercolor Masking fluid & masking fluid stylus or “junk” brush ( to apply the fluid)

Additional Information:
No class 4/13. Masks optional.