1512) Superpower Memory

 How to easily remember anything, anytime, anywhere! Are you terrible at remembering names? Forget where you put your car keys? There is an explosion of knowlegde that you must absorb in order to succeed in today's world. Don't get left behind! In this workshop, you'll learn the secrets of developing a near-photographic memory, with very little effort. You'll discover easy and sure-fire ways to instantly recall names, faces, lists, instructions, school work, English and foreign vocabularies. Whether you're a student looking to get better grades, a sales person that has to remember your customers' names, employed or not, 15-95 years old, you WILL profit from this course. Workbook is included. Do not forget to sign up! 

Additional Information:
Masks optional. Park in the lot at the back of the school off Rahway Avenue. Please come in through the parking lot door. You will be directed to your classroom.