331) Ice Cream Bowl Glass Blowing

Stay cool by creating your very own special ice cream dish and be ready for the summer. Come learn about blowing molten glass into a one-of-a-kind, colorful and useful bowl. Everything tastes sweeter in a bowl you made yourself!

Want to work with a friend? Just purchase consecutive time slots and work together.  Have a group of 3 or more?  Call us to schedule the perfect time for your group, 973-443-9222.

In this health crisis, MCSOG will continue to prioritize a clean studio and has implemented additional safety measures with staff and equipment to minimize cross-contamination while helping customers safely experience glass blowing. We require that staff and customers take equal care in their health history and stay proactive to protect themselves and others. To that end, we stress wearing masks and have implemented temperature taking for staff and customers plus require that everyone confirm that they have not knowingly been exposed to the virus.

In addition to having staff and students wear masks when not actively blowing glass, we have disposable mouthpiece covers for the pipes and alternative blowing mechanisms (manual squeeze pump) available for customers. We have installed several purell stations, as well as sanitizing all commonly touched surfaces multiple times a day with alcohol plus disinfecting pipes and tools between each customer.

Masks can be worn the entire time if you ONLY sculpt a solid object. Although, there will be 15 -20 minutes where the instructor must work with the student in order to ensure their safety in dealing with the molten glass.  However, we are in a facility totally open to the outside with fans drawing the fresh air upwards and outside with a total air exchange every few minutes. Individuals can use disposable mouthpiece covers or a manual system instead of unmasking while blowing into the pipe to make a blown object.



Additional Information:
Masks required. Upon arrival, temperature will be taken and students must confirm that they have not knowingly been exposed to the virus.