114) American Perspectives 2022: Who We Are

What is America now?  And who counts as an American?  These are questions that have been much on our minds lately and that we hope to address from a variety of angles in this lecture series.  We look forward to lectures that explore the racial and ethnic groups that make up our society; the arts, including American music, drama, and painting; religion; politics; and changing demographics—many of the strands and influences, in other words, that contribute to a sense of the nation’s ever-changing identity. 

Mar 15:  Fault Lines 

Mar 22: Road Trip America: Finding Musical Theater  

Mar 29: One Quarter of the Nation: Immigration and the Transformation of America 

Apr 5: Jazz: The Persisting Voice of American Identity

Apr 12: “One Way Ticket”: The Meanings of Movement and Migration in African American History and Life 

Apr 19: An American Language: The History of Spanish in the United States

Apr 26: American Nation, American Nature: Nurturing Each in the Anthropocene

May 3: Asian American History and Today’s Anti-Asian Hate

Additional Information:
Class link will be emailed 12-24 hours prior to start of class.