2125) Table Tennis

Table tennis is easy to learn but hard to master.  It is the perfect sport for young and old since it is non-impact but develops hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular health and quick decision making skills.  Classes open to all ages and skills.

COVID Protocols: 

1. Before entering the club, everyone needs to have his/her body temperature checked. Anyone with fever, will not be allowed to enter the club.

2. Anyone who has Covid-19, traveled to heavy Covid-19 infected areas, contracted, been around with Covid-19 patient(s), or felt ill within the last 14 days, please do not come to the club. Anyone who has pre-chronic diseases, enters at his/her own risk.

3. Anyone who feels ill in the club, please leave immediately

4. At all times, everyone MUST wear a face covering mask in the club. Players can only take off their masks during a match if needed.

5. The normal maximum occupancy for NJTTC is 168 people. During the Covid-19 pandemic, NJ Law allows 25% of that number, so NJTTC will only allow 40 people in the club at any given time

6. Everyone MUST practice social distancing (6 ft apart) in the club. Talking without social distancing is not allowed unless conversationists are from the same family

7. Please bring your own table tennis equipment and personal needs to the club, such as paddles, towels and water bottles. Please avoid any body contact with anyone such as handshakes and hugs . Do not wipe your hands on the tables, barriers, walls, and benches. Also, players do not change sides between games.

8. Do NOT touch your face with your hands before washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

9. Please change to a pair of clean table tennis playing sneakers before entering the playing area. Do NOT wear your clean playing sneakers outside the club. Keep the playing area clean.

10. NJTTC staff will enforce all the safety guidelines. NJTTC will clean and sanitize the club on a daily basis such as its equipment, floor, benches, tables, chairs, and bathrooms. Windows and doors will be opened when possible (not during bad weather) for better ventilation during open hours

11. NJTTC is not responsible or liable for any personal injuries, illnesses, and/or property damages or losses (Please read and sign the USATT release and waiver form. You can download it from njttc.org).

Additional Information:
COVID Protocols are available at www.njttc.org