353) Beginning Watercolor

Whether a beginning watercolorist or seeking to advance to the next level, you can develop your own abilities by working from still lifes, photographs and/or individualized projects.  No experience necessary, but some drawing experience is helpful.  You may bring a sample of your previous work to the first class. Bring supplies to first class. 


A note about art supplies:  If you have never taken a painting or art class, please be aware that art supplies can be expensive. If you decide to buy cheaper supplies or go with something that you already have, you may have a harder time with the painting. 

Please get watercolor tubes at a decent quality (i.e. not the very cheapest, but doesn't have to be the most expensive).  You can buy individually or in sets that try to contain these colors. I will not know the working ability of every available brand or set, so please take your best guess.

Include the following colors:

  • a bluish red such as alizarin crimson
  • an orangish red such as cadmium red
  • any light yellow
  • a green (ideally similar to a sap green)
  • a greenish blue (such as cerulean/cobalt)
  • a reddish blue like ultramarine
  • a brown (preferably burnt umber)
  • a purple
  • white and black are unnecessary

In addition, you will need the following:

  • Arches 1711599 Watercolor Block, 8"x10" 
  • Watercolor Palette
  • Watercolor brushes (one small brush for fine details, one medium sized pointed round brush, and one mop brush around 1 inch wide)
  • White Eraser
  • Mechanical Pencil
  • Several “Quart Size” plastic containers for holding water during class (takeout soup containers work great – no glass as they can break)
  • “Exacto” knife
  • 12 inch Ruler

Optional: A portfolio or bag of some sort to carry and protect your work and supplies

Warning: If you are pregnant, please check with your physician before enrolling in the class as some of the paints may be toxic.  (Per the label on the paint)

Additional Information:
Class link will be emailed 12-24 hours prior to start of class.