105) Demystify Technology Series

Does artificial intelligence think? Are self-driving cars here now or years away? How are Space-X and NASA collaborating to reach the Moon and beyond? Each week we will delve into one topic: artificial intelligence, 3D printing, autonomous vehicles, and commercialized space exploration. We’ll separate the hype from the reality, sprinkle in a little bit of tech talk, and keep it entertaining along the way. You’ll come away with the confidence to discuss these technologies with others, based on an understanding of how they connect to our lives today and within the next few years. Register for the series or individual lectures. (Interested students may also choose to register for individual lectures instead of for the entire series.)  Click here to watch a brief video about the demystify lectures.

Demystify: Artificial Intelligence

Does AI think? Can it be creative? Should we be worried? Artificial intelligence is working its way into farming, cars, medicine and most every other business sector. In this engaging talk we’ll break down the topic, strip out the hype and have some fun. After seeing how a machine actually learns, we’ll be able to understand the real impacts of this transformative technology.

Demystify: 3D Printing

3D printing is being hailed as a revolution in manufacturing technology, and a great learning tool for STEM students. Is it really possible to print houses, clothing, toys and rockets? In this interactive discussion we’ll explain what 3D printing is, and we’ll look at what you (or a family member) would need if you want to try it yourself. You’ll come away understanding what is real, what is hype, and why 3D printing is such a popular way to make things today. 

Demystify: Self-Driving Cars

Companies like Tesla, Volvo, Waymo and GM are racing to bring autonomous cars and tractor-trailer trucks to our streets and highways. Can they be safe? Are they here now, coming soon, or still years away? We will explain how they are being designed and brought to market so we can answer these and other questions. 

Demystify: Space Exploration

Are we really going back to the Moon? To Mars? With Space-X, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin there is way more going on with humans in space today than in the heyday of Apollo and the Space Shuttle. We will look at the goals, challenges, and progress (or lack thereof) of NASA and private companies so we can understand where we are headed, and why.

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