1650) Beginning Russian 2

You will continue to learn Russian phrases, grammar and how to express yourself in different everyday situations:

  • how to increase your skills in reading and writing Russian language;
  • how to construct and understand more complicated texts in Russian;
  • how to use different speech patterns in different situations;

You will continue to know Russian grammar: adjectives, short form of adjective “must”, verbs “to want”, “can”, and “love – like”, acquaintance with the Russian cases: accusative, prepositional and genitive, Past and Future tense of verb.

Upon completion of Russian Beginning II level you will be capable of participating in conversations: ask and answer typical questions about people and lifestyle, write short letters or post cards.  

Textbook costs $85 and can be purchased from instructor at first class.

Additional Information:
Information on how to join your video conference will be sent 12-24 hours prior to start of class.