1649) Beginning Russian 1

You will learn:

  • how read and write in Russian;
  • how to pronounce Russian sounds, words and phrases. Differences between English and Russian pronunciation;
  • how to construct and understand basic texts in Russian;
  • how to present yourself as well as others around you, how to ask their name, how to greet people, how to ask "How are you?”, how to ask and answer who or what it is and about professions and nationalities, how to behave in other typical everyday situation.

You will begin to know Russian grammar: masculine, feminine and neuter of nouns, personal and possessive pronouns, negation constructions, singular and plural nouns, 1 and 2 conjugations of verbs, adverbs of mode of action, place and time. Differences between English and Russian grammar.

Upon completion of Russian Beginning I level you will be capable of pronouncing, comprehending and reading sounds, letters, words and typical everyday phrases in Russian in everyday situations.

Textbook costs $85 and can be purchased from instructor at first class.

Additional Information:
Information on how to join your video conference will be sent 12-24 hours prior to start of class.