1903) Black and White Photography

Black and white photographs make your photos stand out from common color photos especially in fine arts, architecture, portrait and studio photography. With black and white photography, the focus is on shapes, patterns, contract, lighting, and tonal range. Learn how to see in monochrome, and discover which scenes are most suitable for black and white.

Part 1: We will cover traditional black and white film photography and why it still has its place in photography, methods to do digital black and white processing, and a short introduction to the zone system and applications (2 hours).

Part 2: Methods to convert digital photos into appealing B&W captures using standard software and specific filter software tools

About the Instructor: Martin Bluhm started with photography in 1985, and has been hooked on photography since. He does both digital and film photography in specific Fine Art areas including micro/macro, infrared, and B&W photography. He is also a passionate architecture, nature and landscape photographer, and he enjoys teaching workshops in selected topics of photography. He shoots film with small, medium, and large format film cameras and has his own darkroom where he makes silver gelatin prints from film and digital negatives. As a person with scientific background, he tries to combine technical and creative aspects in his photography.

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