1649) Beginning Russian 3

You will continue to learn Russian phrases, grammar and how to express yourself in different everyday situations:

  • how to increase your skills in reading and writing Russian language;
  • how to construct and understand more complicated texts in Russian;
  • how to use different speech patterns in different situations: "How much does it cost?", "How old are you?", "I invite you", "Where is it located?", “How to get to?”, "What time is it?", expressions of consent and confidence, and other expressions.

You will continue to know Russian grammar: quantitative and ordinal numerals, demonstrative pronouns; perfect and imperfect forms of the verb - the difference between the forms of the verb in English and Russian; the dative case of nouns; the grammatical features of the verbs of the movement.

Upon completion of Russian Beginning III level you will be fully capable of participating in conversations: ask and answer typical questions about leisure, lifestyle, transportation and travel. You will also have the capacity to understand and write basic texts like filling out a hotel registration form or an e-card to your friends and family.

Textbook costs $85 and can be purchased from instructor at first class. 

Additional Information:
No class 3/31. Instructions for joining your video conference will be emailed prior to the start of class.