101) The Beginning of the Modern Age in Music: 1890-1920

The decade of the 1890s was one of immense change in society, technology, and the arts. Film, radio, and recording grew from a novelty idea to major commercial forms. Musically, the roots of most 20th century musical styles and ideas can be found in the works of this decade. The Broadway Musical's earliest examples date from this decade, ragtime became a national fad, jazz started to grow and influence American Popular music, and opera gained new popularity with the works of Leoncavallo and Puccini. American songwriters began to dominate the popular song world with artists such as Irving Berlin, George M. Cohan and Jerome Kern. Concert composers moved in many new directions with the works of Debussy, Stravinsky, Shoenberg, and Charles Ives. Antonin Dvorak inspired American composers to find inspiration in American culture.   


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