WWA101 F22) Introduction to Water and Wastewater Operation (180 hours)

The dates, times, and/or delivery (either in-person and/or remotely) of this class are subject to change due to the impact of COVID-19. All students who register for the class will be contacted via email and/or by phone, if and when, changes are made to this class.  If you are not contacted by the Adult Education office, then this class will run as normally scheduled.

The first 90-hours of this course covers the mathematics and science needed for water/wasteater operation. Topics include mathematical operations, alegebra, geometry, and physics as applied to hydraulics electricity, chemistry, and microbiology. The remaining 90-hours addresses water distribution and treatment. Satisfactory completion of IWW101 (180 hours), one year of on-the-job experience and a high school diploma are the NJ state requirements for the S-1, C-1, and T-1 level Water and Wastewater Operation Licensing.

Additional Information:
Textbook Purchase Required from California State University (sole supplier). They can be reached at (916) 278-6142 or www.owp.csus.edu. 1. Water Treatment Plant Operations, Volume I; 2.Operations and Maintenance of Water Distribution systems; 3. Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plant, Volumes I & 2; 4. Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Collection systems.