ELC102 Sp23) Electricity II (88 Hours)

The dates, times, and/or delivery (either in-person and/or remotely) of this class are subject to change due to the impact of COVID-19. All students who register for the class will be contacted via email and/or by phone, if and when, changes are made to this class.  If you are not contacted by the Adult Education office, then this class will run as normally scheduled.

This course covers basic electrical mathematics including calculations for alternating curcuits and devices in both single-phase and three-phase distribution systems. Topic covered include AC/DC power; LED abd flourescent lighting; power; theories of voltage, resistance, power, and energy; electro-parallel circuits; meters; test equipment; transformers, motors, and control circuits. The National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) is utilized in determining the correct installation of electrical services for single-family dwellings and multi-family  apartment complexes. 

Additional Information:
Course cost does not include Textbook. Textbooks Purchase Required - 1. ELECTRICITY I, 10th ED #9781111646691 2. ELECTRICITY 2, 10th ED #9781111646714 3. 2017 National Electrical Code Soft Cover #9781455912797 Right click on the ISBN # to bring up a Google search of where to purchase!