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Jano Hindi Classes


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Welcome to our Online Catalog and Registration 

We have arranged with many California schools and sites to provide the Jano Hindi classes and Camp Jano India on their campuses.

Eight weeks of Camp Jano India 2014 were a huge success!!Thank you!


  Jano Hindi Classes: Schools List

Class is NOT LISTED?
Not all schools/classes have gone online yet as we are waiting for final approvals!
We will upload it as soon as it get approved. Please do check back periodically.! Thank you!

Class is FULL?
In that case please enroll in another school!
We had requested a second room/day which was not assigned

Tuition for 2014
We need to inform you that  these days schools are NOT differentiating between non-profit and for-profit when charging rental fees.
 We are just being informed about it so somehow we will have to absorb the extra cost this year since our rates/classes
are already published. We will need to do an increase next year so that we can continue to bring classes at your school!

Weekend and Late Evening Sites
We have made special efforts to bring you few weekend sites. Please use advanced search on the top right to locate quickly.
Weekend Sites: Fremont, West San Jose, Evergreen, Palo Alto, Foster City
Late Evening (5pm)
 Sites: Pleasanton, San Ramon

Private or public Site
All sites mention whether they are open to all or only to students of that site. Please click on Location to view it.

No Jano Hindi at your school
Many schools do not offer their classrooms
We are now experiencing this at many sites!

First Day Bonus: Diwali Stickers
Very attractive stickers
High quality, Commercially made in USA
All students who attend first day will receive it!

Registration Tips
Enroll early to guarantee a spot as classes do fill up and registration will close!
First Day Only: Parents are welcome to observe the Jano Hindi program!
First Day - Trial Class: Not-yet registered students are welcome to try out and register later!
Space permitting, enrollment will be open until December,
so that the kids need not wait until next year to enroll, in case your child has conflicts this fall!

IF CLASS IS FULL: Please email the Class Instructor so that you are on the waiting list in case a slot opens
up due to someone transferring out!
Please note- Students must be 5 yrs and older on Sept 1 for Level 1 and beyond.

Inform your friend's children so your child will enjoy his/her company while learning and thus practice with them!
Jano Hindi is hiring! Qualified professionals may send their resume to

Tuition/Material Notes
The class fee includes full tuition and material fee.
Tuition may vary slighly depending on the facility expenses which we do not control.
Student Material: Each student gets a textbook, workbook, study guide, bag
and other supplemental items based on their level.

From Non-JanoHindi into Jano Hindi
Students who have learnt Hindi somewhere else and are considering
enrolling into our programs, are advised the following:
Enrolling for Level 2: Should have completed 2 yrs of Hindi at the other school.
If not, please enroll for Level 1 as those kids have not gone through our comprehensive and rigorous program.
All non-JanoHindi parents must email the teacher before the first class informing them
of this so the teacher can assess and place their kids in the right level.

Jano Hindi Highlights
Learn to speak, understand, read & write Hindi at your school!
Learn a new language that is purely phonetic and easy to learn
Designed especially for students growing up here
Learn one level in one school year with your peers
Games, puzzles and hands-on activities make after school learning fun
All reading and writing is geared towards making spoken Hindi strong
Bonus materials such as year-end medals, flash games and more

Camp Jano India – Summer 2015
Seven weeks of fun and learning in centrally located sites in greater bay area
New content for all themes every year
Hindi in the mornings & Culture in the afternoons
Each week has unique theme, content & activities
Each theme touches different aspects of India
Interactivity, creativity and inspired learning
Exciting weeks provide unique thematic discoveries about Indian heritage
Conducted in an engaging style with high energy fun
Designed for curious and active children
Enrollment opens January –

Q. My child has learned some Hindi from at home classes. Can he enroll in Level 2?

A. In our experience we have found that many kids who may have learnt Hindi in a non-professional environment are not well prepared for our eduHindi Level2. Our Level 1 progam is much much more than teaching the alphabet. It is a very comprehensive program that encompasses speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension in a rigorous way. Children are immersed in a very creative, engaging program with games and strategies which makes them think of Hindi learning in a certain way. We find holes in the Hindi skill set of kids coming from non-professional environments and they do not do well in our Level 2, which discourages them. It hurts us to see them suffer in this way.

Please know that our goal is not to cram Hindi into their brain. We make Huge effort to make sure that children like Hindi, enjoy the experience, learn fast, learn in a fun way, retain what they have learnt and keep making big strides in their progress. Our goal is to make them self confident, self motivated and desirous to learn Hindi. Parents who want to make their child "skip" levels, please consider the above facts. Being non-profit, our mission and goal is to teach and not to make profit. Whatever decision you make affects your child much more in the short term and long term.

We have had similar expreriences for kids in Level 3 also who may have studied 2 years in non-professional settings. Since we would still want to place your child at the MOST appropriate level, we recommend that the child be enrolled at the lower level (I.e Level 1 for kids who may done 1yr of athome Hindi, Level 2 for kids who may have done 2yrs of athome classes), then let the teacher know and let her assess on the first day. We will certainly recommend to move the chidl to the higher level if the teacher assesses his/her skill set to be of that level.