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 Mac Basics

Getting to Know Your Mac with Tanya Robinson

This essential course is the introductory class for anybody looking to take extensive coursework in the school’s digital lab. It’s also perfect for students learning to use a Mac for the very first time, those transitioning from PC to Mac, or even experienced users looking to have a refresher or learn something new. Emphasis will be placed on navigating the Mac OS X operating system, specifically proper techniques for filing and saving, while staying clear of hardware and software issues.

Topics to be covered will include:

•    Basic understanding of parts of a computer such as RAM, Processor, Hard Drive, Display and Ports.
•    Basic understanding of the Finder and File structure – the computer as a massive filing cabinet – files inside of folders inside of folders inside of folders.
•    Navigation of the computer using Finder (column view only) as well as the Open/Save dialogue box (same structure, different view).
•    The difference between single clicking (to select) and double clicking (to open).
•    File naming using numbers, letters and underscore only.
•    How to create and name new folders and how to move, copy and rename folders and files using the File menu.
•    Discussion on File Formats (PSD and RAW; JPEG and TIF) and the appropriate way of saving these formats.
•    Explanation of Jump Drives and Camera Cards (in a card reader) as hard drives.

The course will begin and end with a “Computer Literacy Test” to measure students’ progress and learning curves.

This course will be taught in LACP's digital lab. Students will have their own workstation equipped with a 27" iMac computer loaded with Mac OS X Lion.

Two-session workshop

Date: Tuesday and Thursday, September 29 - October 1, 7-9 pm

Enrollment limit: 12 students

Skill/Experience level: Beginning

Tuition: $55

Location: Los Angeles Center of Photography, 1515 Wilcox Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028


code: MB-GKM-0915 / $55.00
1 Session(s)
Tues, Thurs  7-9 pm,  September 29 - October 1

Instructor(s): Tanya Robinson
Location: Los Angeles Center of Photography 



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