CB102) Microsoft Excel for Beginners

Microsoft Excel for Beginners

Learn the basics of this popular Microsoft Office Suite software; it’s for people who want to better organize, store, and analyze both numerical and text information. Learn how to manage data, perform calculations, and present professional looking results; applications include home and business. Whether you are new to spreadsheets, currently use PC versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016, or use any of the Mac versions of Excel, you’ll learn how to create workbooks that incorporate formulas, functions, and charts; how to set up tables and databases, and then efficiently manage, sort, and filter data to give you the information and results you want. Formatting and printing professional looking output will be stressed. Your personal and/or business decision making processes can be dramatically enhanced. Most businesses use Excel in some way; it is an important (often required) job skill as well as a powerful and useful personal tool. Please bring your own device and software to better learn your system. Loaner PC laptops with version 2013 are available upon request.

Additional Information:
Loaner laptops available